The Fire by Cate

"I wondered if the fire had been out to get me. I wondered if all fire was related, like dad said all humans were related, if the fire that had burned me that day while I cooked hot dogs was somehow connected to the fire I had flushed down the toilet and the fire burning at the hotel. I didn't have the answers to those questions, but what I did know was that I lived in a world that at any moment could erupt into fire. It was knowledge that kept you on your toes" (Walls 34).

I guess it started with a spark,
And probably ignited with all the fuel,
All the resentment, hate, fear, and love,
But I suppose its origin is insignificant,
What truly matters is its path.
At times the inferno would mitigate,
But more often it scorched the desert's already parched ground,
I remember when I realized it engulfed me,
How its flames scampered up my calves,
I was helpless, and blinded by its light,
The conflagration blistered its way down my throat,
And finally found shelter in my heart.
It smoldered on perpetually,
Sometimes I relished its warmth,
Others I tried to forget its presence,
Though, when I really opened my eyes,
The blaze surrounded me,
It always tickled my heals, and blocked my path,
Worst of all it turned my insides a crispy black.
The only way to escape it was with water,
Lots and lots of cleansing cool water,
But I was afraid of water,
And fear kept that fire raging for far too long.

Wasted by Jordan

You wasted the safety you wasted this place
You wasted your beauty you wasted your face
You wasted my reputation you wasted my mind
You wasted your potential you wasted my find
You wasted the sunsets you wasted the stars
You wasted the years you wasted my scars
You wasted too many kisses you wasted too many hugs
You wasted my wonder you wasted the drugs
You wasted my paper you wasted my time
You wasted the liquor you wasted the lime
You wasted your chances you wasted mine too
All this is wasted, but not as wasted as you.

Untitled by Jordan

Its like slowly watching a vice tighten or watching a forest burn
Its like watching ice melt or a genius never learn
Its like watching someone fall and never get back up
The “I love you”s seem to fall through like water in a broken cup
He’s on the road to nowhere and he’s driving way too fast
The high’s are only temporary the “I’m sorry”s never last
This is like watching glass shatter or the sun begin to fade
I’m watching people change and the rewinding of memories made
Slowly fear will become reality and his smile will be erased
Hope will be lost and second chances will be nothing but a waste
Its like watching disappointment right before your eyes
Being proven wrong is proof he never tries

Easiest For You by Jordan

It’s easiest to see what’s easiest for you
But life hosts a lot of easier things I could do
It’s easier to cry than is to laugh
It’s harder to be w hole than it is to be a half
It’s easier to drown than it is to swim
It’s easier to loose than it is to win
It’s easier to dream than it is to live
Yet it’s still easiest for me to give
It’s easier to be numb than to feel anything at all
It’s harder to stand than it is to fall
It’s easier to sleep than it is to rest
Its easier to feel cursed than it is to feel blessed
The days are easier than the nights
The wrongs are easier than the rights
It’s hard to even care, this is true
But oh I forgot we’re doing what’s easiest for you.

The Ring by Cate

It was so beautiful,
And it felt so real,
How could something so true,
Be so empty and so cruel,
The turquoise and the silver,
How they glistened in the sun,
But what I never realized,
Is that they glistened with fresh tears,
It was so beautiful,
But the pain increased,
And the beauty faded to a dream,
The invisible thorn festered in my finger,
The ring of false promises,
The ring of forgotten dreams,
The ring of sworn security,
It could no longer sustain me,
The hurt was too great,
And the ring was removed,
But every now and then,
I like to think that its beauty was real,
And not some drunken fantasy.